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Leadership Strategies

For 30 years, Leadership Strategies has been spreading the gospel and supporting leaders and people all over the world.

Through church leadership training, building churches, food and water distribution, medical donations and disaster relief efforts, we have worked to spread hope throughout the world.

Upcoming Trips and Locations

Date:May 25th - June 3rd, 2024Location:Dakar, Senegal, West AfricaPS:
Date:June 16th, 2024Location:Holland MI Lakeshore House of PrayerPS:Doyle Passmore
Date:June 26th - 29th, 2024Location:Covenant Church of PittsburgPS:Joseph Garlington
Date:July 20th - 21st, 2024Location:Vancouver, Washington Peoples ChurchPS:Gary Gillnet
Date:July 29th, 2024Location:Sterling AK Abundant LifePS:Steve Harshman
Date:August 8th, 2024Location:Seward, AK Eagles Nest ChurchPS: Sherri
Date:August 11th, 2024Location:Anchorage FIrst AssemblyPS:Gary Morton

Leaderhip Strategies

Our Humanitarian Projects

A snap shot of the type of humanitarian work and projects we are involved. This is a school and refugee center in Moldova , right across the Ukrainian border. Since the breakout of the war, the many churches we helped plant have become centers of hope and sources of shelter for huge numbers of Ukranian refugees.

Our Services

Working to Make a Difference!

What we do at LSI is simple.

We relentlessly pursue the sick, hungry, and disenfranchised all over the world with the undeniable and overwhelming love of Jesus.

More than 50%

of people around the world have no access to safe drinking water.

1 in 9

people around the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy and active life.


It finally hit me-finally made sense. What is behind and driving the outbreak of hostility and violence of Hamas and its sympathizers towards Jews and Israel? And the prestigious locales consist of some of our formerly highly lauded universities like Harvard, Columbia, University of Virginia, UCLA et al. With little respect and virtually no contextual comprehension of history, and earfuls of political spewage.

By left of left professors and paid for anarchists, they rally against Jews and Israel. Funded by people like George Soros, and foundations like Ford and Rockefeller.

What about the 1200 Jews slaughtered on October 7? Do they matter?

Let's pause for a moment because this article is not centered on the miserable condition of American higher education. That topic is worthy of probing, but not here.

Let’s look for a moment at American broadcast news. Nary a mention of October 7 but hours and hours of repetitive droning. Snippets of facts while the bigger truths are lost in minutiae and trivialities.

Bland, painfully repetitive, long lines of wannabe experts, such is American news. Hardly a reliable source for information, to say nothing of the truth. Both Jews and Gazans suffer from a truth famine. In place of truth, media offers regurgitated factoids attached tenuously to a sliver of truth-just enough to justify its broadcast. No thinking person could come to any wise conclusion on issues just listening to the so-called “news”. It is, dear reader, for the most part verbal garbage. The sorrow is, thousands of people are suffering on both sides.

In the world of the Kingdom which bears the name of Jesus, there is a term which may define today's reason for the war in the Mid East, which has arrived with force on American shores. It is called BACKLASH!

Satan knows God’s son is soon to return, He also knows the Lord’s church will be a victorious crew at the Lord’s appearance, Satan is aware that the people of God are overcoming him by the word of their testimony and the blood of the Lamb. And, on those same campuses and many others, where there is rioting and chaos there is revival, righteousness, repentance, prayer, and healing and expelling of demons. (49 Secular American Universities have reported “revivals of religion”) God is working in a wonderful and visible way. Thousands have been saved, filled, delivered, healed and accompanied by massive deep public repentance of sin-all this in the context of extended periods of worship and praise.

Did I tell you that all this is going on apart from local churches and directly on the same campuses you hear about having political riots? You may ask why is that? I'm not prepared nor is there room for a full discussion here but suffice to say, God visits the hungry and when He’s invited. Ponder those two parameters to see if they exist in your church.

Going forward, I personally believe “wheat and tares” exists together till the very end of time. Then God sorts it all out. To use another Bible idea from Daniel,

“Iron and clay” are mixed together. That is strength and weakness, confusion and wisdom, darkness and light, chaos and order-all co-exists till Jesus comes.

Meanwhile, there is the duality-Backlash. God is working and Satan is doing his best to sow confusion. The safe ground is to always but always keep our focus on Jesus and what He is doing on the earth. I can say with certainty GOD IS MOVING NOW. At the moment He is visiting campuses, that too will shift because “the wind blows where it wishes” and we see the effect. My prayer is simple, Lord as you blow with your spirit across the earth, Please please blow on me (my family, church, friends, and city). Amen!

Testimonials From Liberia

October 8, 2020

Dear Brother Van Steenis,

It is with joy that I write to sincerely thank you for the kind donation of 165 wheelchairs through our ministry to the physical challenged community in our country.

We started distribution of the wheelchairs on Saturday, August 22, 2020. The exercise covered five of the fifteen counties in Liberia. Those counties include: Montserrado County, Grand Bassa, Bong County, Sinoe County, and Rivercess County. Earlier on, it was difficult to start as we decided to see and verify the end users of the product. Coming almost to the end of distribution, we experienced increase in demand. Thus, we could reserve only 10 chairs for the hospital.

Attached to this communication, please find pictorial display of testimonies of the distribution from recipients. The distribution exercise prompted several request from some of the communities we visited. Needs for summer clothing, food (rice and beans) and of heart touching was a request from a large town (Felila) in Bong County for a mobile clinic where pregnant women and children could be attended to. This request is key among the many as the dwellers in the town reported that a woman in labour pain gave birth on the road from the town to the nearby clinic a distance away from the town.

The donation did not only help the physical challenged community, it has also broadened the scope of our ministry of the Liberian Nation. For this, we are immensely grateful to you and your partners. We also thank the fountain of Life Church Family for helping with the cost to clear the container from the port.

May the Lord bless and strengthen you

Yours in His Service,

Apostle Josiah Terpo Swen

I have been unable to walk since 2015 after I fell from a palm tree while cutting palm. Since then, I have been stock one place morning to night. Now with this wheel I will be able to move around . thanks to Apostle Swen and the Seed Faith Ministries Family for this wonderful gift.

Joseph K. Flomo - Lives in Bong County

Since I fell from a palm tree I have not been able to walk upright, I have two children, a boy and a girl but the mother is no longer with me. I am grateful to God and the Seed Faith family for this kind gesture. May God continue to provide for you people and that you continue to remember people like us

Karpee Bosboe - Lives in Gbarnga Bong County

I am thankful to you people for this gift. It is a surprise to me because this is first of its kind for someone to give you such an expensive gift. I don’t have much but, thank you to the Seed Faith Family.

Joe T. Kollie - Lives in Gbarnga, Bong County

I want to say thank you to the church for this wheelchair. I beg you people to continue this good work and let God continue to provide for you and that you people will continue to remember us. There are some people who need other things.

Mary Marshall - Lives in Felila Bong county

I am so happy for this wheelchair. I am a high school graduate. This wheelchair is a great help me. It will help me move around. Before then, I could move around with the help of someone but now I can go anywhere all by myself. Many thanks to the Seed Faith Ministries and the Greater Vision College Families.

Mis. Morian Turay - lives in Monrovia

I am very happy to get this wheelchair. I was nine years of age when I got in this condition. This wheelchair means a whole lot to me and my family. I want to say thank you to the Seed Faith Family for remembering people with disabilities

Stephen Nagbe - Lives in Monrovia

I am happy for the wheelchair that has been given me by the Seed Faith Ministries Center and the Greater Vision College. This wheelchair will help to increase my movement from one place to another. Now I can go anywhere. Other organizations have been in my area, but were selective in their distributions. But with this one, we were given without discriminations.

Matthew Dixon - Lives in Paynesville

I am very much happy for this wheelchair. I have been without a wheel chair for more than five years. I couldn’t go places. I was sitting one place in the church compound and was abandoned by my children and wife because of my condition. This wheelchair is a great help for me

Joseph K. Flomo - Live in Bong County

Thank God for the great opportunity. I am too happy for this wheelchair. Over the years I have been living without wheelchair, I had always been hunching on the gound to go places. Now I can go to church freely with no one helping. I had to make farm in this condition. I have a daughter who no longer lives with me, but with my sister in Monrovia. Thank you to the Seed Faith Ministries center for remembering us.

Pearline Keedor - Lives in Bong County

I am so happy to receive this wheelchair. It will really help me to move from one place to another. When I got in this condition my family abandoned me. I had no one to help me buy something from shops along the road. Now with this wheelchair I can go in the market places independently. I can now buy my own food and even prepare my meal. Many thanks to God and to the Head Pastor of the Seed Faith Ministries and the head of the Greater Vision College

Henry Tokpah - Lives in Bong County

I’m lacked of words today to see myself with this free modern wheelchair. Because being without wheelchair, which is my second foot, I was just at home from the morning to evening. I couldn’t go to the market to purchase food items nor other basic needs. At least with this wheelchair I will now go to places, I can now visit some relatives and even go around the town. I say thank you for the donation we want for seed faith church to come and plant a church here that we can attend and serve God

Isaac Tokpah - Lives in Bong County

I am in serious tears of joy now for this wheelchair that is given to me and other physical challenged people. Without the wheelchair many of us can’t go anywhere. Some of us can just remain at home. But with this wheelchair, we can now go to the nearby villages and town.

Lusenne - Live in Bong county

I am in serious tears of joy now for this wheelchair that is given to me and other physical challenged people. Without the wheelchair many of us can’t go anywhere. Some of us can just remain at home. But with this wheelchair, we can now go to the nearby villages and town.


I will like to say on behave of the members of the group of 77 here in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, our sincere gratitude to the Seed Faith Ministries Family and their partners for this unprecedented love they have shown us. People with disability have been neglected for too long and seeing this happening today brings joy. May God bless the works of your hands in Jesus name.

Peter D. Jimmy - Lives in Buchanan Grand Bassa County

Thank you for this wheelchair. It has been my prayer for me to get a wheelchair that will carry me from one place to another. I had been unable to move about due to my condition. I can now go anywhere now with this brand new and modern chair Thanks be to God for the Heads the Seed Faith Ministries and Greater Vision College. This should not be the last, we are looking forward for more donations.

Ben Wie - Lives in Grand Bassa County

I am so grateful to God for receiving this wheelchair. For four years now, I’ve Been unable to move about because I had no means. But since I received this wheelchair, I can now move from one place to another. I am free to go anywhere. I want to say big thanks to God and to the Seed Faith Ministries Center and the Greater Vision College of Health sciences for their gift.

Jerry Lavalla - Buchanan, Grand Bassa County

I want to say thanks to the Seed Faith Family for this Wheelchair. Few months ago My first wheel I had, spoiled So I was not freely moving from one place to another. At least I can go places now. I can even go to the market. I am also asking you people to please help us with crutches for our other friends who cannot us the wheelchair and also find a way to help other physically challenge people. May God bless the work of your hands.

Elizabeth Weagar

I want to bless the almighty God for this church, the Head and entire membership for the love they have shown us. This show to us how much they love and care for us. I want to say once more thank you in Jesus name.

D. Alphonso Weagar

I am very much happy for this wheelchair. I have never owned a wheelchair before. I always been home daily. I don’t even know some of the places in this town. But with this wheelchair I can now go anywhere in the town to visit some family members and friends. I want to say thank you Seed Faith Ministries Center and Greater Vision College for this great job.

Ma. Oretha Momo - Lives in Bong County

I am happy today for what the Seed Faith Ministries Center and the Greater Vision College family have done for me. Since I got the wheelchair I can now go and visit my family people in the town. Before I was just home, whenever I want to go somewhere I had to pay my grand children to carry me. But now I can visit my friends and family alone. I want to say many thanks to God for his blessings and thank you once more, Seed Faith family

Martha B. Nimely - Grand Bassa county

I am lack of words. My greatest concern this morning was my stomach, but what I am experiencing here now is amazing I am shock as you can see my old chair, it is completely damage. I don’t have much to say but thanks be to God and may God bless the Seed Faith Ministries and the Greater Vision College.

Toby Weah - Lives’ on the Bushrod Island in Monrovia


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Very Good News

Many of you helped with our PET chair project for Liberia. That was a shipment of 160 special chairs for immobilized adults. A few weeks ago the chairs were delivered into Liberia.

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